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Marketing Investors NEVER consider their marketing and

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but rather OPPORTUNITIES to make MORE MONEY!


Read through the STEPS below on how to proceed...




Welcome Realtors!

If you want to GET REAL RESULTS from your marketing... 


you need to start thinking like a

Marketing Investor. 


STEP 1 You have already completed by signing up for my FREE



But now, to becoming a true marketing investor, you must  to talk with a marketing professional and develop a strategy.  There are a few good marketing consultants here in Lee County but if you would like to schedule an appointment with me, since you signed up for the newsletter, I will do so at HALF PRICE.


Email me at: so we can coordinate a time to meet where the 1/2 hour consultation will only be $50 (discounted from $100)


STEP 2 - Develop your marketing strategy that targets your market effectively, efficiently and within a SET budget.  The budget will be created by setting your personal goals and personal timeline to hit those goals.  These goals MUST be written to be effective.


STEP 3  - Implement the plan ASAP.  Your marketing advisor will be able to advise you on which advertising mediums or marketing methods to use to get instant results.  There should also be a good "Marketing Mix" with proper tracking models.  So, that you can make better, more educated decisions in the future.


STEP 4 - So, after implementing your plan, you must learn how to track it.  Your marketing advisor can teach you unique ways to track how well your advertising and marketing is doing for you so that you can evaluate those results.  The results will vary depending on the method and budget used but in any case, you will have data to analyze.


STEP 5 is taking everything you've learned from the first four steps and then improving and expanding your marketing to exponentially drive more sales.  Hence, becoming a TRUE MARKETING INVESTOR!



Remember this!   Marketing should never be thought of as an expense but truly as an investment.  It is finding those mediums and methods that work best for YOU and then making sure you get the most GUARANTEED return you can from them. 


Then, once you find those mediums that work well for you, (ones that not only pay for themselves but actually double or triple your original marketing investment), then you make plans to double and triple the investment to exponentially watch your sales grow!


Please feel free to contact me with any questions at ANY time, oh and Don't Forget to subscribe to have your other friends sign up for our "My Media Maze" Newsletter.


Thanks and ENJOY your success from all that hard work!


J.P. Terrasi

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All marketing consulting customers will automatically be entered in a monthly drawing for FREE business cards, FREE graphic design, or additional marketing consulting services. 

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